Warp++: Inspiration Behind the Project

This project is inspired by several factors.


One is the need for a web server solution that is truely scalable. Throwing more hardware at a problem significantly increases the cost of maintenance for a solution, and thus not always a good answer to the scalability issue. There is only so much that can be improved on for Java Virtual Machines, and Common Language Interpreters for applications. Single-task servers are thing of the past. They were a bad idea then, and they are a bad idea, today. A better solution is better resource management on the server. The eventual arrival of broadband will make current web systems unable to handle concurrent requests, so I believe there is a future for C++ and the web. See also this paper on high performance web systems.


Now that C++ has been standardized, it is really starting to come of age. There are smart pointers, multi-threading, regex library all that utilize the C++ STL components (Boost Libraries) and also networking components (Adaptive Communication Environment (A.C.E.)).

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Tim Hawes
Last modified: Thu Jul 24 03:44:34 PDT 2003